Be Happy Positive Affirmations


Do you want to take control of the way you feel? Tired of having the blues when deep down inside you WANT to feel happy? These positive affirmations will help you to be happy and retake control of your moods and your life.

As funny as it sounds, you can actually train your mind to be happier! The main reason you tend to slip into negative moods or feel unhappy on a daily basis is because of the way your mind perceives your life experiences and the world around you. These negative thought patterns have become habitual over time but with the regular use of our positive affirmations you can change them.

Our positive affirmations will rewrite your thought patterns and allow you to start seeing life in a completely new way – you will naturally see the bright side of life, feel more happiness and positivity, and become one of those people that others see as full of life and joy.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am full of joy
I am happy
I see happiness wherever I go
I have boundless positive energy within me
I am grateful for my life
I see the good in everything
I am full of positive energy
I am happy with who I am
I have a great life
Others are drawn to me because I am so full of life


Future Tense Affirmations
I am starting to feel happier
Others are beginning to notice how happy and positive I am
I will be thankful for each day
I will become happy and spread positive energy to others
I am finding that I feel joyful on a daily basis
I will always be optimistic and have a positive outlook
I will always see the bright side of life, especially in difficult situations
I will nurture a deep sense of internal happiness within myself
My life is getting better all the time
I am noticing that I feel more optimistic about life


Natural Affirmations
I am a naturally happy person
Life just feels great all the time
I can easily pick myself up and lift my spirits when needed
Being optimistic comes easily to me
I am the one that others look to for reassurance during difficult times
Great things always seem to come my way
I feel a natural sense of peace and happiness within myself
Being happy all the time is normal for me
I choose to have a positive view of myself and others
I am filled with a sense of gratitude for being alive



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