Resolve Inner Conflict Positive Affirmations


Here are our positive affirmations to help you resolve inner conflict. They will empower you to take control of your mind and resolve any inner conflict that is keeping you from living out your intentions.

We have all seen the classic image of the person with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, struggling to make the right decision for themselves. Life is filled with choices, every day we make choice after choice in determining how we wish to live our lives. Do you choose to go for a run? Do you choose to study for an hour or watch TV instead? Do you choose to use these affirmations and improve yourself or just forget them and move on?

Inner conflict resides within us, one part of us wants to do one thing and another part of us wants to do another. No matter how dedicated you are to achieving a goal, there is always a small part of you that wants to do something else. Using these affirmations regularly will help you overcome this tendency and begin taking the action you truly want to take. They will help you learn to control inner conflict, always make the decision you know is best, and become someone who gets things done and resists the temptation to get distracted.

For best results we recommend that you not only use your chosen affirmations twice per day, but also whenever you are feeling tempted to become distracted from your goals, or find yourself straying from doing what you know you should.

Choose your affirmations, get started right away, and silence that little inner devil trying to distract you from your goals.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am in control
I always listen to my conscience
I make healthy and positive decisions
My mind is at peace with itself
I am strong against temptation
I always take the action that I know is right
I make decisions and follow through
I always make the choice that is best for my future
My decisions and actions are always aligned with my long term goals
I have strong discipline and always stick to my intentions


Future Tense Affirmations
I will resolve my inner conflicts
I will always listen to my conscience
Harmony is developing between my actions and my intentions
I am changing into someone who always makes the right choice
I am finding it easier to do what I know I should
My discipline is getting stronger
I will become someone who stays focused even when tempted by distraction
Making plans and sticking to them is starting to feel easier
I will set goals for myself and stay focused on taking action to achieve them
I am transforming into someone who is always on the path to success


Natural Affirmations
I find it easy to do what I know is best
Following through on my intentions comes naturally to me
I am naturally focused on reaching my goals
My conscience is my one true guide
There is natural harmony between my goals and my actions
Resisting distractions is something I just naturally do
It is normal for me to make choices that align with my long term interests
Resolving inner conflict is the key to succeeding in every area of my life
Choosing the healthiest course of action is easy for me
Others see me as someone who can make a firm decision and stick to it



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