Become A Dancer Positive Affirmations


Dancing is a beautiful sport that many people enjoy. Oftentimes dancers have a unique appreciation for art, life, music, and balance, all things that contribute to dancing success. While it’s a physical activity, there is a tremendous amount of mental preparation and focus that dancers need to keep in order to truly take off in the profession.

Whether you dance on stage or simply at parties, there is no reason not to improve your dancing. Busting a move can be dangerous if not done properly, but it’s also nice to simply have that skill. When done properly, the fluidity of motion that dancers compile is truly gorgeous. Whatever type of dance you find interest in, be it ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, or lyrical, you need enormous concentration to piece it all together.

These positive affirmations are designed to rewire your mindset so that you are completely honed in on your body. Every fiber of your body needs to be concentrated on music and the relative movements to completely capture the beauty of the song. Pick your favorite of these three affirmation types and practice them regularly to step up your dancing.

Present Tense Affirmations
I love dancing
I feel the music
I am graceful
I am impulsively fluid
I capture the song in my movements
Dancing is my life
Dancing is easy for me
I am strong and artistic
I am flexible and agile
My body is perfect for dancing


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop being clumsy
I will focus entirely on the music
I will smooth out my dance moves
I will practice with intensity
My peers will see me as a talented dancer
I will step up my dancing
I will nail my dance routines
I will move confidently
My body will be fine-toned for dancing
I will commit 100% to dance


Natural Affirmations
I am meant to be a dancer
The music becomes part of me
When I’m dancing nothing else matters
Dancing comes naturally to me
Dancing is the most important thing to me
I am faultless when I dance
I was born to be on stage
Everything makes sense when I dance
I am simply myself when I dance
I always dance incredibly well

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Recommended References For Becoming A Dancer

Extreme Self Motivation Subliminal: Learning how to dance is comparable to learning another language. Moving your body to convey a message to the audience is as artistic as anything, and you have to be able to connect to their various interpretations. Practicing and getting routines down requires serious self motivation and skill, as well as meticulous practicing and understanding of choreography. Don’t settle for anything less than your best; motivate yourself to practice today.

Fear of Failure Hypnosis: The most crippling attribute that humans naturally have is the overwhelming fear that we’ll fail. But fear is in the mind; we have nothing to fear but fear itself, and if we eliminate that useless fear our opportunities are limitless. Stop limiting yourself by being scared of the outcome; control the outcome on your own by overcoming fear and taking the initiative to stand tall. Dancing is purely original, so express yourself and overcome insignificant terrors.

Stop Being Clumsy Subliminal: Dancing is all about being graceful. Moving to the music, letting your body flow with distinct fluidity. Whether you want to dance because you’re professional or simply to get over your clumsy habits, take charge of your body and improve your self-awareness.