Increase Creativity Positive Affirmations


Here are our positive affirmations to help you increase creativity.

Imagine if your creativity was just always flowing effortlessly and naturally, and you never felt stumped or at a loss for new ideas. It is possible to get into a highly creative state, you just have to learn to shift the way you think and adopt the right mindset for really tapping into your creative energy.

Some of the biggest reasons that creativity doesn’t flow is because we either try to hard, don’t believe in ourselves, or can’t just let our imagination take over and do its work. These positive affirmations will help you with all of this. With consistent use they will free up your mind and instill positive thought patterns that are conductive to creativity and imagination.

In addition to using them every day to become more and more creative over the long run, you can also use them if you are experiencing a creative block, or you need to really fire up your imagination right before diving into a project.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am highly creative
My imagination is always active
My mind is free and open
I am always open to new ideas and thoughts
My creativity is boundless
My imagination is free
I am a naturally creative person
I am highly imaginative
My creativity flows effortlessly
I am full of inspiration and creativity


Future Tense Affirmations
I will tap into my imagination
I will unleash my creativity
I will come up with amazing new ideas
My imagination is becoming stronger and stronger
My creativity is increasing
Ideas are starting to flow freely from my mind
I am finding it easier and easier to come up with new ideas
My creativity is growing
I will tap into my creative energy
I am becoming highly creative


Natural Affirmations
Creativity comes naturally to me
Using my imagination is second nature to me
My mind is wired for creativity
I am always tapped into my creative energy
I have endless creativity
My imagination runs wild
New ideas are always coming to me
I am effortlessly creative at all times
Creative ideas just flow out of my mind naturally
I have a powerful imagination



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