Become A Nurse Positive Affirmations


Nursing is a rewarding, helpful, crucial occupation that influences the daily lives of ordinary people more so than almost any other occupation. As a nurse you are closer to your patients than any other medical professional, and you take care of the regular necessities that each unique patient requires.

Nurses influence and inspire people in ways many are unaware of. As somewhat of an unsung hero in the world, it is your duty to be loving, caring, and compassionate on the job. While this may be easier said than done, with enough perseverance and drive you will lead the rewarding life of a nurse that you dream of. Positive affirmations will give you the confidence you deserve to be the best nurse you can be.

If you’re looking to help others and join the workforce as a nurse, whether in hospitals or nursing homes or for the government, you’ve come to the right place. Establish your confidence as a nurse; choose one of the three types of affirmations for nursing and shape your future career.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a great learner
I am aware of my abilities as a nurse
I take charge when I need to
I am always there for my patients
I am confident in my medical knowledge
I always know what to do
I have a strong sense of ethics
My devotion to my patients is unwavering
I am faultless at the workplace
I give each patient the attention they deserve


Future Tense Affirmations
I will be an active listener
I will always put my patients first
I will be aware of my patients’ needs
My dedication to nursing will increase
I will always do what’s best for the patient
I will take time for every patient
I will be understanding
I will be more aware of my surroundings
I will become a wonderful nurse
I will dedicate myself to my career


Natural Affirmations
I am naturally compassionate
I’m meant to be a nurse
Caring for others comes easily to me
I have always been a compassionate person
I have faith in myself
I always do what’s right
I am a confident nurse
I am naturally patient and kind
My patients appreciate me
I am invaluable to my patients

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Recommended Resources For Becoming A Nurse

Time Management Subliminal: Nursing requires significant time management skills and confidence in your use of time. You have to give each patient the time they deserve to fully help them and understand them, while, in some cases, straining yourself between multiple patients a day. Don’t lose track of yourself in the fast pace of your job; overcome time management deficiencies and be able to conquer irritation on the job with patience and time management.

Natural Self Assurance Hypnosis: Confidence in your abilities as a nurse is imperative to performing well on the job. You have to retain your knowledge and have full faith in yourself when you’re with patients, as any shortage of confidence will put others at risk. Regain your self assurance with this amazing self assurance hypnosis. You’ll naturally restore your own confidence, and thus be able to control your own future with this well-made hypnosis album.

Develop A Positive Attitude Subliminal: One of the best things nurses can be to their patients is loving and gentle. People feel better when happiness surrounds them, and it’s your responsibility to be positive, especially when things are grim. Use this subliminal to your advantage and develop a positive attitude that any patient, even in the most dire of circumstances, would like to be around. You can brighten the day and improve the lives of others by being a more cheerful person and developing a more positive attitude.

American Nurses Association Looking to be a nurse, but don’t know where to begin? This free online resource is the home page for the American Nurses Association. Here you’ll find the code of ethics, job opportunities, and more to set you on the right path for nursing.