Become a Writer Positive Affirmations


Certain qualities make a great writer. Would you like to instill these qualities deep within your mind and become the best possible writer you can be?

If so, these positive affirmations have been written just for you. They will help to loosen up your creative mind, smash through mental blocks, improve your focus, and even increase your dedication to writing.

Writing and creativity are totally dependent on your state of mind, and if used regularly, these affirmations will be highly effective at creating a shift in your mental processes that totally frees up your thinking and makes the creative process happen much more naturally and effortlessly.

So let’s get started, here they are… May they help to free the great writer living inside you!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a writer
I am a great writer
I am totally devoted to writing
I am extremely creative with words
Words and ideas are always flowing out of me
My mind is wired for writing
My writing skills are top notch
I am a successful writer
I write beautifully
I am highly focused on my writing


Future Tense Affirmations
I will become a great writer
I will write every day
I will stay focused on my writing
I am becoming extremely creative with words
Others will see me as a great writer
I will always be dedicated to my writing
Each day I become more motivated to write
I am transforming into an extremely gifted writer
I am finding it easier to just sit and write endlessly
The quality of my writing is steadily improving


Natural Affirmations
Writing is my life
I love to write
I am a natural born writer
I have amazing writing skills
Being a writer is just a natural part of who I am
I easily write whatever I can imagine
I just always keep writing no matter what
I can write endlessly
My mind is a fountain of creativity
Being a great writer is the most important thing in my life



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