Become An Alpha Female Positive Affirmations


Everyone has heard of the term “alpha male” but not many have heard of the “alpha female”. What exactly is an alpha female?

An alpha female is a woman who is feminine and naturally attractive to men. She is confident, sexy, intelligent, hard working, respected and in control. The alpha female is the woman other women want to be and the woman men want to be with.

You might think that women are just born alpha but this isn’t the case. Most women who are alpha females are the way they are because of the mindset they have developed based on their life experiences.

Since being an alpha female is all about mindset you too can develop the same mindset by using the power of affirmations.

If you take the affirmations on this page and repeat them at least twice a day then in a matter of weeks you will start to notice that the way you think has started to change and that you are much more confident within yourself and the people around you have started to treat you differently.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am an alpha female
I find it easy to talk to new people
I am very interesting
I am naturally feminine
I am attractive to men
I am very confident and sexy
I find it easy to take control
I can easily stay relaxed even in stressful situations
I just naturally attract men
I am dominating but can be submissive when I need to be


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more attractive to men
I will become a woman who naturally attracts men
I am finding myself more confident by the day
I am turning into someone who is the center of attention
I am finding it easier to take the lead
I will work hard
I will stay relaxed even in stressful situations
I am turning into an alpha female
Men are just naturally drawn to me
I will become the woman other women want to be


Natural Affirmations
Confidence comes naturally to me
I find it easy too attract men
Being an alpha female is the most natural thing in the world
Being adored by men is my natural rite
My friends look to me for advice
I have an abundance of beauty
Other women want to be me
People see me as someone who confident and in control
Men can’t help but to be drawn in by my feminine energy
I am always the leader in any social group

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Recommended Tools to Become An Alpha Female

Confidence With Men Subliminal: An alpha female has extreme confidence with men. If you are not confident with men then this subliminal will help you to develop extreme confidence with men, allowing you to be relaxed around them, letting you show your true personality.

Become The Alpha Female Hypnosis: Being an alpha female is all about mindset and this hypnosis will help you to develop the mindset that all alpha females have so you too can be an alpha female and have confidence and success in all areas of your life.

Become An Alpha Female Subliminal: When it comes to being an alpha female you need to be confident, hard working, in control and sure of yourself. All those things are down to mindset and you will notice that all alpha females share a similar mindset and you may not possess that mindset right now but you can with this subliminal.