Seduce Men Positive Affirmations


Are you looking to build your powers of seduction and develop the ability to subtly influence men at a very deep level? These positive affirmations are here to help you tap into your feminine energy, unleash your seductive powers, and attract the men you truly desire!

Seducing men requires that you have an ability to tune in to the energy of the man you want, so that you always know your next move, and how to build attraction constantly. Sometimes it’s the simplest of things, such as ignoring a comment, looking them in the eye for split second then looking away, or saying just the right cute and sexy thing at the right moment.

The great thing is that when you build the confidence internally to just know that you can seduce a man, you will just naturally do the right thing! Why? Because seducing men is deep in your feminine nature and it is something that every woman can do once she unlocks her confidence and isn’t afraid to be her true, sexy, powerful self!

Present Tense Affirmations
My seductive powers are strong
I seduce men at will
I am tuned in to the mind of the man I want
I know exactly what to say and how to act
I sense the right moment to play shy
I know how to attract a man’s curiosity
I am great at playing innocent when I have to
I am a master seductress
I always seduce the man I want
I am highly skilled at playing hard to get


Future Tense Affirmations
I will become a master seductress
My mind is becoming tuned in to men on a deep level
I will be submissive and confident at the right moments
I will peak the curiosity of any man I choose
My powers of seduction are growing every day
I will tap into my sexy, feminine, womanly nature
Seducing men is becoming easier and more natural
Men will be naturally drawn to my seductive powers
I will draw men in with my sexual confidence
I am becoming more naturally attractive to men


Natural Affirmations
Seducing men comes naturally to me
I can do exactly the right thing at the right time to increase attraction
I can play innocent when needed
Men are naturally drawn to me in a very deep way
My feminine sexuality gives off a powerful and seductive energy
Seducing men is easy
Being a seductress is just a normal part of my life
Other women are jealous of my ability to seduce men
I can tune in to men and know exactly how to attract them
I can effortlessly tap into my sexiness, playfulness, or confidence

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