Change Your Beliefs About Money Positive Affirmations


Do you have healthy beliefs about money? Is your mind working with or against you in your quest for financial freedom? With the help of these positive affirmations you can take control of your mind by removing any negative beliefs and thought patterns preventing you from having more money in your life.

If you’re someone that is always struggling to have enough money, you should know that the biggest factor holding you back is simply the way you think about money. By changing your core beliefs you will become the kind of person who just naturally attracts money, is totally focused on achieving financial success, and sees money as abundant and available rather than scarce and unattainable.

These affirmations will unlock the wealthy millionaire inside you and unleash your hidden potential to gain mental and physical mastery over money.

It’s been said that money won’t make you happy, but everyone also knows that having money is massively important to leading a full, interesting, and exciting life.

Get started with these affirmations today and take control of your mind and your money – go after the life you truly deserve!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am changing my beliefs about money
I always find a way to make money
I am attracting money and growing my bank account
I am a finely-tuned money making machine
I am completely dedicated to acquiring more money
I am totally focused on achieving financial success
I am attracting large amounts of money into my life
Money is everywhere
I believe in myself and my ability to acquire massive wealth
I have only positive beliefs about money


Future Tense Affirmations
I will change my beliefs about money
I will be the kind of person who is always making money
I am becoming wealthy
I am beginning to feel that I truly deserve to be wealthy
My attitude towards money is becoming more positive with each day
Money is becoming easier and easier to acquire
My mind is starting to feel highly attuned to money
I will become fully dedicated to achieving financial success
I will develop rock solid confidence in my ability to make money
I am transforming into someone who thinks about money all the time


Natural Affirmations
I am just naturally good with money
I deserve to be wealthy and have financial freedom
I have an intense dedication to acquiring large amounts of money
My mind is naturally focused on making as much money as I possibly can
I recognize that money is the most important key to having the life I want
I find it easy to think positively about money
I am effortlessly focused on money at all times
Money is all around me, all I have to do is reach out and grab it
I have a keen awareness of any opportunity to make money
I think positively about money and this naturally attracts wealth into my life


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