Think and Grow Rich Positive Affirmations


Here are your think and grow rich positive affirmations.

If you’re familiar with the classic book by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, then you know that what he did was to seek out the richest most successful people of his day and learn the key ingredients that made them so different from the average person. The theory is that if you can adopt these traits for yourself then you too will become massively successful.

This is one of our favorite books and we completely agree with everything Napoleon Hill teaches in his book, and that’s why we decided to create an entire section of affirmations dedicated to helping you master the principles of think and grow rich.

Use these affirmations to completely transform yourself and develop the same mindset of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world. You will soon notice that you are highly motivated, confident, and full of an intense desire for wealth and achievement.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am highly driven and motivated to succeed
I am fully dedicated to growing my wealth
I am on the path to abundance
I have the ability to make large amounts of money
I am already rich
My mind is focused on achieving great wealth
I have unbreakable confidence in myself
I have the will and the desire to reach unlimited heights of success
I will think positively and create a wonderful life for myself
I am fully capable of achieving whatever I set my mind to


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming rich
I am making more and more money
I am starting to effortlessly attract money
My belief in myself is growing stronger and stronger
I will succeed at all costs
I will become rich and successful no matter what
Others are starting to notice how driven and full of purpose I am
I am becoming intensely focused on making money
I am transforming into someone who effortlessly builds wealth
I am developing the attitude of an extremely rich and successful person


Natural Affirmations
I naturally attract money
Making money is easy for me
I deserve to be rich
Wealth and success are normal for me
Others see me as someone who just naturally attracts money
I enjoy making money
Financial abundance is a normal part of my life
I believe deeply that I am a successful person
I have enormous confidence in myself
Having a positive attitude towards money is an important part of who I am


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Think and Grow Rich Subliminal: A powerful subliminal tool for training you to think and behave in accordance with the principles outlined in Think And Grow Rich. The album has 10 simple positive affirmations that will penetrate deep into your subconscious and rewire your mind for success and wealth – This is actually one of our FAVORITE subliminal tools for money mastery.