Confidence With Men Positive Affirmations


Women who have a natural and positive confidence give off a glow that men find irresistible. When a woman seems sure of her self and comfortable in her own skin, it automatically puts a man at ease and makes him think “who is this woman? I want to get to know her!”.

By tapping in to your natural sense of self confidence your interactions with men will be improved in a way that you can’t even imagine. Try to picture it, you feel great, you have a positive attitude, and you are totally comfortable with yourself and the social situation you are in. When you feel this way everything else will just happen naturally, you’ll tend to say the right thing, give off the right signals, and effortlessly put forward your best and sexiest self!

So have a look over these positive affirmations starting now, and make the commitment to reciting your favorite ones on a daily basis. You will soon start to experience a subtle yet powerful shift in your internal state, one that will have massive implications for your external reality and draw more attention from men than you’ve ever experienced before!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am sexy
I am a confident Woman
I am comfortable in my own skin
I attract men naturally
Men are drawn towards my positive energy
I give off a glow that everyone notices
I am full of confidence
Men can pick up on my confidence
I am naturally sexy and attractive
I always have great interactions with men


Future Tense Affirmations
My confidence with men is increasing
I will always put my best self forward
I will stay positive and have fun no matter what happens
I will enjoy meeting new men
I am starting to feel more naturally confident
I am feeling sexier and more daring
Men will be drawn to my sexy and confident attitude
I will always love myself no matter what
Meeting new men is becoming more and more exciting
I will get the man I want


Natural Affirmations
I just naturally attract men
Men are naturally drawn to my femininity
Being confident and feeling great is easy for me
It is normal for me to go after the man I want
I always feel confident, sexy, and happy
My energy is naturally positive and attractive
I always feel happy and confident when I am meeting men
Meeting new men is easy for me
My personality is attractive
Men just naturally love to be around me

Recommended Tools to develop Confidence With Men

Confidence With Men Subliminal: Are you looking for a natural, quick, and effective boost to your inner confidence? This album has been designed specifically for women who want to gain solid confidence with men so they can let their true personality shine through and really enjoy meeting new men and having a great love life!

Natural Self Assurance Hypnosis: One of the keys to enjoying life, meeting new people, and just feeling great about yourself in general is to have a deep and natural self assurance. This means that deep down inside you are truly your best friend and greatest ally, and not your worst enemy. When you achieve this internal harmony, your outer life will manifest gifts you never thought possible!

Confidence With Men Subliminal MP3: Here is another great subliminal tool that uses subliminal affirmations to help you achieve the mindset of a woman who is confident, mature, sexy, positive, and enjoys her life to the fullest in a natural and healthy way! Your mind, your body, and your personality will all feel fluid, relaxed, and charged with positive energy that men can’t help but to be seriously attracted to, and all it takes is a few minutes a day with this subliminal album!