Control Your Emotions Positive Affirmations


These positive affirmations have been designed to help you control your emotions and become someone that stays calm, rational, and strong in all situations.

For maximum results you should practice using affirmations at least twice daily, and in this case we also advise that you memorize a few you can call on in difficult situations when you feel yourself losing emotional control. Simply focus on your breathing, repeat your chosen affirmations, release any tension in your body, and you WILL regain control over yourself.

In time these positive affirmations will help you get a grip on your emotions and you will find it easier and easier to calm yourself down and find your center. Eventually you will become more naturally calm in stressful situations, more in control of anger and stress, and just generally more in control of yourself and your emotions in all situations.

Here they are, choose a few that really speak to you and make them your own. With dedication and daily practice you will learn to control your emotions once and for all!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am in control of my emotions
I am always centered and calm
I always keep control of myself at all times
My mind is focused, clear, and logical
I stay calm in stressful situations
I am strong and in control
I am able to deal with stressful situations in a controlled manner
I feel emotions without losing control
I deal with excess emotions in a positive way
My emotions are under control at all times


Future Tense Affirmations
I will remain calm
I will control my emotions
I am transforming into someone who is naturally calm and collected
Others are beginning to notice how in control of myself I am
I am finding it easier to calm myself down
I am gaining more control over my emotions with each passing day
Controlling my emotions is becoming easier and easier
I am beginning to think logically, even in stressful situations
Stressful situations are becoming easier to deal with
I will deal with my emotions in a positive fashion


Natural Affirmations
Controlling my emotions is easy for me
Feeling calm is normal for me
I can easily manage my emotions
I can think clearly even in difficult and tense situations
My mind is always calm, clear, and logical
Moderating my emotions is something I just do naturally
I can feel emotions without spinning out of control
Controlling my emotions will improve my life
Others will look to me as someone who remains calm in stressful situations
I have the power to completely control my emotions


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