Healthy Relationship Positive Affirmations


Building a healthy relationship starts first, and most importantly, with you! Which is a great thing, because it means that you can do absolutely everything in your power to build positive and loving energy, and do your part to purposefully nurture all of the characteristics of a healthy relationship.

What is a healthy relationship? It’s when two people have mutual respect for one another, and are able to truly be themselves and simultaneously respect their partner for who they really are at their core. This almost always requires compromise, respect, and patience. But the effort is well worth it because as human beings we are meant to connect on a deep level with someone that we love, and know that we are secure in our most important relationship.

This can sometimes feel like a delicate balancing act. It’s a tall order to be able to be yourself, express your feelings, wants and needs, and yet simultaneously take into consideration the wants and needs of your beloved partner. But with these positive affirmations you can greatly improve your chances of attaining relationship harmony.

So start today, and start building the relationship of your dreams!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am in love with my partner
I respect my partner deeply
I am able to be my true self around my partner
I communicate my wants and needs clearly
I always take into consideration the perspective of my partner
I am constantly striving to grow the love between my partner and myself
I am able to draw boundaries when needed
I go out of my way to support my partner
I am tuned in to the wants and needs of my partner
I am able to take space for myself when needed


Future Tense Affirmations
I will develop a healthy relationship with my partner
I will be a wonderful spouse
I am starting to feel more and more in love
I will act with respect and care towards my partner
I am constantly developing and growing my relationship
Each day I feel closer to my partner
I am able to communicate clearly
I will always be honest and loving towards my partner
My relationship is improving each and every day
I will express my wants and needs clearly


Natural Affirmations
I deserve to have a healthy relationship
I can respectfully communicate my feelings
Having a healthy relationship is extremely important to me
I do everything possible to nurture the love I have for my partner
My partner respects and cherishes me
Honest communication is one of my natural strengths
Having a healthy and loving relationship is just a normal part of my life
Drawing boundaries and fostering respect is important
Listening to my partners feelings is very important to me
Building a healthy relationship is worthy of any and all effort

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