Deep Inner Game Positive Affirmations


What you think of yourself and how you feel at the core of your being is reflected outward onto the world and sensed by the people you interact with. This is why developing a deep inner game will have such a huge impact on the amount of attraction you generate with women.

These positive affirmations will help you to solidify your inner game and totally change the way you feel about and see yourself at the deepest level. No longer will you struggle to convey a confident attitude when you don’t actually feel the confidence internally. By reciting these affirmations on a consistent basis, at least every day, your core mental thoughts and patterns will start to transform and become more and more positive and confident.

The progress you make with your inner game will be reflected in the strength of your outer game, as women will become more naturally attracted to you, you will feel happier and more positive, and your life will improve in a wide variety of ways.

Start today by reading the affirmations, choosing a few that you really like, and making these your “go to” affirmations. You can use them at a set time each day, like first thing in the morning or right before bed. Or you can use them before going into social situations, to get yourself psyched up and in a great state of mind!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a great guy
I am positive and happy
I accept myself at the deepest level
I feel deeply secure in myself and who I am
I am attractive
Others truly like and appreciate me
I always stand up for myself
My inner game is rock solid
Women are naturally attracted to me
I am a unique and interesting man


Future Tense Affirmations
I will respect myself no matter what
I am starting to feel a deep self acceptance at my core
I will develop positivity and happiness deep within myself
I will enjoy life on my own terms
Others are starting to pick up on my deep confidence
I am starting to feel more and more at peace within myself
I will confidently speak my mind
I will naturally attract women into my life
I am transforming into someone with a healthy and positive mind
I will always see myself as being worthy of beautiful women


Natural Affirmations
Deeply accepting myself is an important priority in my life
Developing my inner game translates into powerful outer game
Women love to be around me
I know that I am interesting and attractive
The way I feel inside is my greatest strength
Being positive and happy is just who I am
Self confidence is my natural state of being
I am a uniquely valuable human being
My inner game is healthy and vibrant
Others are attracted to my deep and true self acceptance

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