Become The Alpha Male Positive Affirmations


These positive affirmations have been designed to help you make the transformation into an alpha male who effortlessly attracts women, commands respect, and is naturally dominant in any social setting.

If there is one thing you should do to improve your game, this is definitely it. Being an alpha male is hands down the most important and powerful trait for attracting women! It doesn’t matter if you are skinny, short, or poor… When you are the alpha male women will be naturally attracted to you no matter what.

So get started with these affirmations today. They will help you to make a deep transformation at the core of your mind so that you can embody all of the traits of a strong alpha male, such as: confidence, total self belief, assertiveness, dominance, leadership, and much more.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am an alpha male
I am dominant
I am always relaxed and calm
I am assertive and powerful
Others see me as powerful and self assured
My confidence is rock solid
All women are naturally attracted to me
I can take the lead in any social situation
I am totally secure in myself
I speak with authority


Future Tense Affirmations
I will transform into an alpha male
I am becoming more and more alpha
I am finding it easier to take the lead in social situations
My core personality is becoming more confident and assertive
Others are starting to notice my self assured attitude
People will respect me
I will always speak my mind
Women will be naturally drawn to me
Women are starting to see me as a leader and decision maker
I will continually strengthen my alpha traits


Natural Affirmations
Being an alpha male is just the way I am
Women are naturally attracted to my alpha characteristics
Confidence is my natural right
Being assertive and dominant are just who I am
I enjoy being the leader in social situations
I love being the alpha male
Others look up to me for my strength of character
I am highly respected
I make women feel safe and secure
My alpha maleness allows women to feel more feminine

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