Develop Charisma Positive Affirmations


How would you like to develop a magnetic personality and become the kind of person that others are naturally drawn to? These positive affirmations have been designed to help you develop charisma and unleash your true social potential.

If you really want to maximize your results, you should choose 2 or 3 affirmations that really resonate with you and make these your go to affirmations for whenever you need to psyche yourself up for a social event in which you really want to shine and impress.

Also, using them daily will help you build a long term and natural charisma that will transform you into someone who is effortlessly outgoing and charming, takes the lead in conversations, commands respect and attention, and always lets their true personality shine through brightly.

Here they are, get started right away to experience the power of these affirmations, they’ll give you a huge confidence booster and totally change the way you socialize, the way you feel, and just your entire life in general!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am charismatic
I am positive and outgoing
Others are naturally attracted to my charisma
I always lead the conversation
I am full of positive energy
I make others feel good with my positive energy
I am always starting conversations and meeting new people
I am friendly, positive, and outgoing
I am a great conversationalist
I naturally attract others with my charisma


Future Tense Affirmations
I will unlock my natural charisma
I am turning into someone who others love to be around
I will confidently express my amazing pesonality
Others view me as a highly charismatic person
My natural charisma is growing
I will spread positive energy to others
I am starting to feel more outgoing and social
I am transforming into someone who loves meeting new people
Others are beginning to notice how charismatic I am
Everyday I become more and more outgoing


Natural Affirmations
Being charismatic is easy
I am just naturally charismatic
Being outgoing comes naturally to me
I have a magnetic personality
Being charismatic is just a normal part of my life
Others can’t help but be drawn to my positive energy
Making others feel happy is something I just naturally do
I enjoy sharing myself with others
I love being the center of attention at a party
People see me as someone who is always happy and positive


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