Common Sense Positive Affirmations


It may seem ridiculous to have to practice using common sense, but common sense isn’t quite as simplistic as it sounds. Modern distractions too often hinder our abilities to see what’s right in front of us, and our second-nature instincts become sidetracked when flurries of complicated thought barricade our basic problem-solving tools.

It is said that our first instinct is often the most logical choice in any given situation. Enhancing your common sense will lead you to quick, easy, and correct answers. We dig for common sense that lingers right in front of us, wasting time by trying to dodge frustrating and often antagonizing disturbances when there are much quicker ways to cleanse our minds.

Realizing that there is a shortcut to the truth is half the battle. Rediscover your common sense and be able to tackle foreign diversions with these common sense affirmations.

Present Tense Affirmations
I use common sense to my advantage
I see answers that are in front of me
I am able to block out mental distractions
I navigate my mind to my advantage
I am in control of my thoughts
I have unbiased judgement
I have foundational beliefs
I solve irritating problems
I digest information smoothly
I gather logical information


Future Tense Affirmations
I will utilize more common sense
I will have sound perception
I will remove all mental obstacles
I will focus on finding the answers
I am concentrating more on natural thought
I will follow my instincts
I will acknowledge my intuitions
I will come to conclusions more efficiently
I will be more confident in my impulses
I will trust my initial reactions


Natural Affirmations
Using common sense is how I naturally think
My mind is free of distractions
I naturally follow my hunches
I always follow-up on my first responses
Others see me as a focused and strong-minded
I can easily find right answers
I naturally turn to common sense
I rely on common sense for solving problems
My accuracy level is high
I am confident in my instincts


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Recommended Resources for Enhancing Common Sense

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Organization Skills Hypnosis: Organization skills are useful anywhere; at home, at the office, in the car. They’re also incredibly useful in your head. Becoming organized in your mental environment will allow you to clear out unwanted thoughts and focus on your common sense enhancement. Your mind will become structurally sound with the assistance of this hypnosis album, and you’ll be paying attention to details and have an improved memory as well.

Pay Attention to Detail Subliminal: Taking in large amounts of detail and being able to mentally digest the information is what using common sense is all about. Use this subliminal to zone in on your careful concentration to detail, which you can apply to your common sense enhancement.