Critical Thinking Skills Positive Affirmations


These are our critical thinking skills positive affirmations. Defining your critical thinking skills is not only a useful skill, it can help you in day-to-day activities and can develop your mind to be more open to new ideas.

It naturally takes a well-balanced, well-shaped mind to be able to take a given situation and analyze it. These affirmations will allow you to explore your critical thinking skills so you can raise intelligent questions and formulate answers. With the right amount of practice and will-power, critical thinking skills will come second-nature to you, giving you the analytical mind you’re searching for.

Frequently exercising these simple affirmations will expand your mind and open up new possibilities in the areas of critical thinking development. Shape your mind to pose the right questions at the appropriate time by following these positive affirmations.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a critical thinker
I ask the right questions
I gather relevant information
I interpret information efficiently
I always use critical thinking to analyze a situation
I form strong opinions
I communicate well with others to formulate solutions
I am a strong-minded individual
I carefully select answers to puzzling questions
I impose intellectual questions


Future Tense Affirmations
I will form my own unbiased opinions
I will know when to ask the right questions
I will exclude outside influence when solving a problem
I am developing my critical thinking skills constantly
I will be more open-minded in recognizing solutions
I will skillfully gather information and formulate my own opinion
I will self-monitor and self-direct my thoughts
My thinking skills will improve in quality
I will become a stronger intellect
I will come to sensible solutions


Natural Affirmations
I naturally pinpoint accessible solutions
I self-monitor my reasoning
I break down complex situations on an advanced level
Others see me as a decided, logical thinker
I am organized and conclusive in thought
My mind is naturally inquisitive
I am constantly asking intelligent questions
I just naturally have an open mind
I am open to all ideas and solutions
I consistently process information



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