Fear of Dogs Positive Affirmations


If your fear of dogs is keeping you from visiting friends that have dogs, walking in parks where dogs may stray, or otherwise making you anxious, then it is time to overcome your apprehension. These positive affirmations are designed to condition your mind for feeling naturally relaxed and at ease around dogs.

Dogs are often touted as being man’s best friend. But for some people, just the sight and sound of a dog evokes feelings that are anything but friendly. Take control of your anxiety around dogs by changing the way you process your feelings about them.

These affirmations will help you see dogs for what they really are – lovable, pleasing creatures that are much more likely to protect you than harm you.

Begin reciting these affirmations today to unleash the carefree life you want and deserve!

Present Tense Affirmations
I like dogs
I think dogs are friendly
I enjoy watching dogs
I feel safe around dogs
I am unfazed by barking dogs
I visit friends with dogs
I lead a carefree life
I am courageous around dogs
I have overcome my fear of dogs
I am calm around dogs


Future Tense Affirmations
I will overcome my fear of dogs
I will stay calm around dogs
I will enjoy walks in the park among dogs
I will lead a carefree life
I will visit friends with dogs
I will learn to enjoy the company of dogs
I will enjoy watching dogs
I will be free from fear
I am beginning to really like dogs
I am beginning to feel safe around dogs


Natural Affirmations
Watching dogs play is fun
Dogs are friendly
Barking dogs are funny
My friends know I’m comfortable around their dogs
My life is relaxed and positive
Walking in the park is relaxing
Dogs are safe and friendly
My fear of dogs is gone
Dogs are fun to watch
Dogs naturally like me

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