Fear of Heights Positive Affirmations


Break free from your fear of heights with the help of these positive affirmations! They will reprogram your mind and make you much more naturally relaxed and at ease with heights.

If you tremble at the thought of climbing a steep cliff or balk at the idea of looking down over a high bridge, then you are missing out on some of life’s most magical moments. Imagine how much more enriching your life could be if you felt the enchantment of the view from a mountain top rather than just the grip of fear.

Overcoming your fear is a matter of controlling the emotional part of your mind and injecting a sense of reality and logic. Reciting these affirmations will help you embrace heights effortlessly and effectively.

So get started today and retake control of your life once and for all!

Present Tense Affirmations
I like heights
I am in control of my thoughts
I enjoy the view from heights
I am calm when I am high up
I am relaxed on bridges
I enjoy the view from tall buildings
I am totally comfortable being up high
I have overcome my fear
I am relaxed and in control
My mind is always calm


Future Tense Affirmations
I will embrace heights
I will enjoy looking down from heights
I will climb mountains just to see the view
I will stay calm on bridges
I will control my thoughts
I will enjoy the view from tall buildings
I will overcome my fear of heights
I will lead a carefree life
I will look down easily when I am high up
I will control my emotions


Natural Affirmations
The view is beautiful from high up
My thoughts are calm
My mind is relaxed when I am high up
Heights are easy for me
Looking down from heights is easy
My fear of heights is gone
My life is carefree
I am at ease when on bridges
I enjoy being up high
The view from a cliff is magical

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