Fear of Flying Positive Affirmations


The fear of flying can stop you from visiting family and friends, seeing the world, or even advancing in your career. These affirmations will help take you from a timid traveler to a soaring sightseer!

Imagine how free you would feel if the thought of flying relaxed or excited you. You could apply for that promotion at work that requires frequent flying or you could finally book that flight across the country to visit your relatives. World traveling could become your new favorite pastime and slipping off to the big championship game 5 states away could be a reality.

Don’t let your fear of flying ground you in your tracks any longer. Commit to practicing these affirmations regularly and become someone who is totally relaxed, calm, and self assured when flying!

Present Tense Affirmations
I like flying
I look forward to taking flights
I am naturally positive when flying
I am calm when flying
I enjoy taking long flights
I relax when on planes
I visit new sights regularly
I enjoy traveling
I travel often
I can fly anywhere in the world


Future Tense Affirmations
I will overcome my fear of flying
I will fly often
I will visit far away relatives
I will book flights without hesitation
I will banish my fear
I will live fearlessly
I am beginning to enjoy flying
I will look forward to traveling
I will relax on planes
I will have a carefree life


Natural Affirmations
Flying is fun
Long flights are relaxing
Plane rides are enjoyable
Visiting far away places is fun
Flying to business meetings is easy
My fear of flying is gone
Booking flights is exciting
Others see me as a frequent flyer
My life is free from fear
Flying is easy for me

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Recommended to help you with Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying Cure Subliminal: Overcome your fear of flying by reprogramming your mind to enjoy flights. This album will teach you how to look at flying in a positive way rather than as a fearsome event. You will be amazed at how relaxed and calm you are when flying!

Fear of Flying Hypnosis: Using hypnosis is a very powerful method for overcoming fears and anxiety when it comes to flying. You simply listen to the hypnosis session and allow your mind to relax. It is specifically designed to break down old habits and worries surrounding flying and naturally build up a much more positive and optimistic attitude to air travel!