Flirting Skills For Women Positive Affirmations


Being a woman in the dating world can give you a serious headache after a while. Always waiting for the man to make the move, or call you back, or set something up. It can be overwhelmingly frustrating, to rely on him. That’s why making a strong first impression is key to relationship success.

Flirting has so many complications, especially for women. Don’t be too forward. Don’t be too direct. Be outgoing, be fun. After a while all of the rules can get jumbled around. Well, it’s time to throw your rule book out the window. These positive affirmations will allow you to subconsciously develop your confidence with men, so flirting will come second-nature to you!

If you find yourself struggling to get you words out, have no fear! These free positive affirmations will get you to that flirtatious version of yourself in no time at all!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a strong woman
I enjoy being myself
I can read signs from men
I am aware of what to say and do
I am able to show him I’m interested
Men like who I am
I accept nothing less than perfect when it comes to men
I believe in my flirting skills
I enjoy talking to men
I pay him compliments at appropriate times


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop being afraid to make the first move
I will stop being cautious of breaking barriers
I will keep the conversation interesting
I will stop being desperate
Men will enjoy talking to me
I will stop being afraid to put myself out there
I will control the conversation
I will be aware of my surroundings
I will pick up on his feelings
I will read his body language


Natural Affirmations
I am naturally flirtatious
I put myself out there
I always use the best flirting skills
Flirting comes naturally to me
I control my anxiety with men
Others see me as bold and confident
I love who I am
My flirting skills are top-notch
I am friendly with men
The best version of me is my natural self

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Recommended Tools For Flirting With Men

Flirting Skills For Women Subliminal: Women are subject to too much waiting. Waiting for men to make the first move, waiting for men to call back. It doesn’t have to be this way- you can grow the confidence that you need to be the one to act. Don’t hide behind old-fashioned ways. Be bold, be yourself, with the help of these subliminal messages.

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Confidence With Men Subliminal: Men require attention, confidence, and bravery. You have to put yourself out there, and you have to come to accept that you are a beautifully unique woman. Anxieties of rejection are truly not worth it. Try this well-made subliminal to abolish those nerves today!

Flirtng Guide: This free online flirting guide is specifically for girls. With tips on everything from communicating to dreaming, check out this wonderful guide made by girls, for girls!