Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Positive Affirmations


Welcome to our get your ex girlfriend back positive affirmations page. These could be extremely useful to you if you wish to pursue a previous relationship that didn’t quite work out. They are of best use for those that have realised that they made a mistake and wish to make up for it. It is important to remember that they will only change your outlook on your past relationship and not your ex girlfriends, so the problem has to lie with you for them to take an effect.

Positive affirmations are short, snappy phrases that are able to be repeated to oneself consistently over a period of time to get the best effects. Consistency is key when using them as they work best when incorporated into your daily routine. They can be an extremely powerful tool to help you gain a new mindset in many situations.

If you wish to get your ex girlfriend back, our positive affirmations will help you admit your mistakes, see things from her point of view and allow you to move forward with your life.

Present Tense Affirmations
I accept that I have made mistakes
I am eager to change
I am willing to compromise more
I am confident that I can get what I want
I am sorry for the mistakes I made
I can easily express my feelings
I can get what I want out of life
I am able to appreciate my ex girlfriend much more
I am able to speak out and tell her how I feel
I always try my best in every situation


Future Tense Affirmations
I will be more caring in the future
I will listen more to what my ex girlfriend has to say
I will try to rectify all of the mistakes I have previously made
Every day my self confidence increases
I will become more honest with myself and others
I will be able to admit my faults more readily
I will become more naturally truthful
I am becoming more positive every day
Being back in my relationship will improve my life
I am finding myself more sincere every day


Natural Affirmations
I enjoy being in a relationship
Others envy my new self confidence and honesty
I realise that my relationship was a positive part of my life
I can remain positive even in the face of rejection
I can always try harder and never give up
I find it easy to express my feelings when I need to
Other people see how positive I now am
I realise that honesty is the difference between success and failure
I am strong enough to go out and get what I want
Rejection has made me a stronger person

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Recommended Tools to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Self Belief Hypnosis: This hypnosis album is very effective for those who are already willing to admit their mistakes and simply just lack a little self belief. It can be extremely easy for others to tell you what to say and do but it can be very difficult to actually carry these actions out if you lack self confidence. If you believe that it is simply your self belief that is holding you back from telling your ex girlfriend how you feel, this album would be the perfect remedy.

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Subliminal: This mp3 track specifically targets all areas of your personality that are vital to the success of getting back with your ex girlfriend. By listening to this regularly you will soon find that you will begin to think more rationally and positively, become more persistent, your confidence will increase and you will start to formulate action plans of how to get your ex back.