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We all know that positive affirmations can be a fantastic manifesting tool, used alone or alongside other techniques (like visualization), but do you understand why that is? How is it possible that such a simple practice as repeating or constantly listening to some positive sentences can influence the way your life will look like, what will and what won’t be in it?

When you understand the ways in which the positive affirmations can alter our mind and increase our manifesting capacity, you will know how to adjust them and how to add even more power to them.

How Do They Alter Our Mind?

Our mind learns things by repeating. Our beliefs are formed the same way we once learned how to ride the bicycle – the more a thought or action is repeated, the faster we will adopt it. Once we do, it becomes a part of who we are and stored deep in our subconscious for further use.

For example, if during the childhood you were taught (by repeating) that you can do anything you set your mind on, it became a belief that grew stronger as you were growing up. It’s like your mind was programmed to keep whispering positive things about yourself in the background, leaving no place for doubt and pushing you towards success.

If the opposite was the case – you get the picture: your mind would then sabotage all your efforts, including manifestation. If you don’t believe that you can do or be anything you want, then it will be much more difficult to manifest new reality in your life.

Positive affirmations then serve to re-program your mind. When you want to attract something in your life, you need to believe that it’s possible first.

The trouble is, you can’t simply decide that you now believe something – you have believed something else to be true for your entire life, and now you have to reverse-engineer the formation of a new belief.

As the first one was installed by repetition, that’s how you’ll install this one as well.

That’s the reason why you should listen to your affirmations daily, and to follow up with actions that strengthen your confidence in those statements. When you consistently feed your mind with positive statements that support the mindset and behavior that you want to adopt, you will train your mind to create a new belief.

And eventually, it will learn.

And a Few Tips

To make the best use of the positive affirmations in manifesting, you should first analyze them and see if the ones you’re using are the right ones for you. Here are a few tips:

1. Don’t project too far from your current belief

For example, if you want to win a $1,000,000 lottery, perhaps you shouldn’t go straight into repeating the affirmations for winning the lottery – your mind probably doesn’t believe it’s possible to get such a large sum of money right away, so you should first work on changing your beliefs about money in general. This way it will be easier to “persuade” your mind that $1,000,000 is quite an attainable goal.

2. Attach positive emotions to your affirmations

Apart from believing in the statements you’re making, it’s really important to feel good about the meaning of the affirmations you use. For example, if you consistently listen to an affirmation like: “I am attracting a huge amount of money my way” but you feel worried upfront that someone will take it from you or that you’ll be unhappy when you get it, you won’t attract a positive outcome – or you won’t attract anything at all.

3. Make at least one daily repetition a part of your regular routine

For the best results you should listen to your affirmations several times a day, but at least one of these repetitions should have a regular part in your daily schedule, time that you can completely devote to contemplating the meaning of the statements and to emerging yourself into the positive feeling. The best times are in the morning, when you wake up (because your mind is fresh and ready to prepare for the day), and in the evening, just before bedtime (so that you fall asleep with these messages in mind – your brain will continue to process  them even while you sleep).

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