I am Beautiful Positive Affirmations


Submitted By: Angela Thompson

You are beautiful, everyone is beautiful. If you don’t feel that you are then I’m sure you already know all about the self-esteem issues that come with it. You can make yourself believe that you are beautiful by using the following positive affirmations. By making use of them you will start to think of yourself as what you really are which is beautiful, both on the inside and out. Knowing that you are beautiful will give you the confidence and self-esteem you need to live a happy life, a life on your own terms, free of negativity.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am beautiful on the inside and out
I am comfortable with who I am
I am 100% sure of myself
I am a natural beauty
I am confident
I am free of negativity
I find it easy to think positive
I can see true beauty in myself
I am healthy and attractive
I am beautiful just the way I am


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin by the day
I will become free of negativity
I am finding myself more confident each day
I am turning into someone who sees themselves as beautiful
I will be proud of my beautiful body
I will recoginize that I have true beauty
I will see myself as beautiful
I am turning into a natural beauty
I am transforming into a positive thinker
I will be 100% internally validated


Natural Affirmations
I am comfortable in my own skin
I find positive thinking easy
I know I have an attractive and beautiful body
When I look in the mirror I see nothing but pure beauty
Feeling good about who I am is my natural rite
I have an unshakeable belief in my beauty
I enjoy being beautiful
People are always saying how beautiful I am
People look up to me as a source of beauty
I am worthy of seeing myself as beautiful


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