Emotional Health Positive Affirmations


Are you striving to be happy again? Feeling like you’re losing control of your emotions? Emotional health is a sensitive subject, yet it is vital to your overall well-being.

Being happy may seem like a struggle, but with the proper attention to your emotional tenancies you can chase away whatever may be standing between you and emotional security with little more than a strong-willed sense of focus. Positivity is key to building your success and enjoyment in every day life. Through these positive affirmations you will gain solid ground on your emotional life, feel better about yourself, and be more confident in your daily decisions.

Practice these affirmations on a regular basis and you’ll in a better state of emotional welfare in no time at all. Choose a few that best appeal to you an go over them routinely to exceed your conceived capabilities in areas of emotional health.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am happy with life
I am resistant to damaging influence
I am contempt with my life
I enjoy whatever life throws at me
I am able to build strong relationships
I recover from unsettling setbacks
I am easygoing
I handle stressful situations with poise
I am open to guidance from my peers
I am in control of my emotions


Future Tense Affirmations
I will be more emotionally stable
I will look on the bright side of things
I will be happy with what I have
I am becoming more emotionally healthy
I will be able to maintain healthy relationships
I will feel good about myself
I will see myself in a better light
I will appreciate life for all it’s worth
I will be more open to change
I will live life to the fullest


Natural Affirmations
I am naturally happy
I have high levels of confidence
I trust my abilities to adapt to change
Others see me as emotionally steady
My self-esteem is high
I am naturally laid-back
I can recover from stress
Change is easy to adjust to
I am self-disciplined
I appreciate all that life has to offer


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