Improve Math Positive Affirmations


Math skills are essential for everyday functions, from balancing your checkbook to determining what your gas mileage is. If math calculations make you cringe, then practicing these positive affirmations will easily improve your math skills and have you looking for ways to use them every chance you get.

Improve Math Positive Affirmations are designed to create harmony between you and the math skills that you either forgot in high school or are just learning for the first time. Practicing these affirmations regularly will keep you engaged longer, focused more clearly, and able to understand effortlessly the math problems that otherwise would frustrate you.

Imagine how easily you could soar through math courses or calculate unit prices at the grocery store if you were the math whiz you always wanted to be.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am mathematically inclined
I am great at math
I love math
I am a logical thinker
I calculate figures easily
I look for math problems to solve
I process math problems effortlessly
I am a mathematician
I solve mathematical equations easily
I solve everyday math problems quickly


Future Tense Affirmations
I will be adept at math
I am learning how to solve math problems
I am developing a love for math
I am getting faster at solving equations
I am learning to solve math problems in my head
I will look for math problems to solve
I will be a mathematician
My math skills are improving
I will calculate answers flawlessly
I will think logically


Natural Affirmations
Math comes easy to me
My checkbook is always balanced
Answering math problems feels natural to me
Mathematics is part of who I am
Solving equations comes naturally to me
My mind works easily on math problems
Everyday math problems are easy to solve
Math is a part of my every day life
Math is enjoyable
Solving problems is fun for me



Improve Math audio affirmations

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