Improve Spelling Positive Affirmations


Do you know that most people form opinions about you before they’ve even met you, just based on how well you communicate? Our Improve Spelling Positive Affirmations will take your spelling ability to the next level and ensure that your written communication portrays the best you possible.

Spelling accurately will showcase how well-read and educated you truly are to your employers, colleagues and friends. It will likely boost your odds of landing that dream job through a correctly spelled resume and will earn respect from teachers and colleagues.

The ability to spell well combines a focused mind with a sharp memory. Practicing these affirmations routinely will help you achieve both goals effortlessly, thus easing your worries about writing.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a great speller
I like spelling
I easily remember the spelling of words
I memorize new words
I have a focused mind
I am great at memorizing words
I impress people with my spelling skills
I spell words perfectly
I easily learn new words
I am a fast learner


Future Tense Affirmations
I am learning fast
My employers are noticing how well I spell
I will spell accurately
I am improving my spelling memory
I will focus easily
I am growing fond of spelling
Learning new words is becoming easy
I am earning respect from others for my spelling skills
I am learning new words daily
I am remembering more words easily


Natural Affirmations
Spelling comes naturally to me
My spelling is flawless
My memory is sharp
Learning words feels natural
Being a great speller is one of my strengths
Spelling tests are easy for me
My spelling abilities are apparent to others
Spelling is fun
Memorizing new words comes naturally to me
Grammar and spelling rules are easy to remember


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