Increase Thyroid Function Positive Affirmations


The thyroid gland is a small, vital organ that regulates hormones and metabolism of the body. Located at the back of your throat, just beneath your Adam’s apple, the thyroid gland is responsible for converting iodine into hormones used in the body, as well as controlling your metabolism. If the thyroid is not functioning properly, the body can slow down and lead to eventual organ failure, even death.

Thyroid failure is not something you have to live with. You can overcome your struggles with thyroid failure with less difficulty than you’d imagine possible. Though thyroid failure is a physical condition, mental stability and confidence in getting passed it will greatly increase the physical  function. It may not sound like a cure, but the results of following these positive affirmations will amaze you! The power of mental confidence is astounding when you utilize it to your advantage.

Read over the following affirmations and choose the type you like best! You should consistently practice them twice a day, and saying them in front of the mirror is best. Don’t be bothered with a poorly-functioning thyroid; practice these positive affirmations!

Present Tense Affirmations
I have a healthy thyroid
My thyroid works well with my body
My thyroid secretes hormones effectively
I have no trouble with thyroid failure
I am resistant to thyroid failure
My thyroid functions perfectly
My thyroid functions efficiently
I have a flawless thyroid organ
My thyroid does its job
I am unaffected by issues with my thyroid


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop letting thyroid failure bother me
I will stop worrying about my thyroid
Thyroid issues will not influence me
Thyroid problems will stop dominating my life
I will overcome thyroid dysfunction
I will have a fast-working metabolism
I will stop having issues with my thyroid
I will triumph over thyroid failure
Thyroid failure will stop affecting my life
I will live my life the way I want to


Natural Affirmations
I was born with a healthy thyroid
I have a strong will to overcome thyroid failure
My thyroid functions to the best of its abilitiy
My thyroid does its job naturally
My thyroid is in harmony with my other organs
My body is perfect
All of my organs run smoothly
I’m just an active individual
My thyroid is naturally sublime
My metabolism is incredible

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Recommended Tools for Increasing Thyroid Function

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How Your Thyroid Works: Are you still a little fuzzy on how your thyroid really functions? Find out all of the details with this incredible article! Don’t wonder anymore- find out all about the disorders, functions, and structure of the thyroid!