Block Out Pain Positive Affirmations


Welcome to our page on positive affirmations to help you block out pain. These affirmations can be very helpful to you if you are currently experiencing any pain be it physical pain from exercise or any other kind of physical pain or be it the pain from breaking up with the person of your dreams or losing a loved one.

These affirmations will help you but they are not just a one off thing. You can’t just take the ones I’ve written out for you and repeat them once and expect your pain to go. No, these only work if you repeat them on a day-to-day basis for a long period of time but they will work.

If you are experiencing pain then and wish to block it out then give the positive affirmations here ago, they will surely work for you.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am pain-free at all times
I find it easy to relax
My mind is calm at all times
I easily release all tension I have in my mind and body
I am in control of my pain
My body is healthy and pain free
I am relaxed
I focus only on the future and not the past
am peaceful even when life is hectic
I am not controlled by my pain


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more relaxed by the day
I will become someone who is not controlled by pain
I will let go of the past
I will become free from pain
Each day I feel pain less and less
I am finding it easier to only think positive
I will find the time to relax my mind each day
Others are beginning to notice how much happier I am becoming
I am finding it easier to not let life get me down
Each day I am finding it easier and easier to control my pain


Natural Affirmations
Being free of pain is just something I am
I find it easy to release stress
My body is just always naturally relaxed
Thinking positive is just something I naturally do
Being in control of my pain is easy for me
Controlling my pain is effortless for me
My mind is naturally calm and relaxed
Having a natural ability to heal myself has helped my life greatly
I find it easy to stay positive and pain free even when things get tough
I have the natural ability to control the physical aspects of my body with my mind



Block Out Pain audio affirmations

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Recommended Tools to Block Out Pain

Relaxation Aid Subliminal: If you find it hard to relax then you can do things like exercise, massage, reading a book, etc. Another thing you can try and one that doesn’t require any extra hard work is this relaxation subliminal. It works by re-wiring your brain, sending it messages that allow you to become someone who naturally finds it easy to relax.

Pain Management Hypnosis: This hypnosis audio works by using hypnotic language to change the way pain affects you. Listening to it will help you to relax, calm down your mind and help to get rid of any tension you are experiencing. It will also re-wire your brain, changing the way you respond to pain, allowing you to experience less pain overall, meaning you can life a happy and active life.

Pain Relief Subliminal: If you are experiencing physical pain then this pain relief subliminal will help you by using messages that when listened to tap into your sub-conscious mind  and will command it to increase the flow of nutrients and energy in your body and instruct your body to regenerate the cells in the needed areas.