Learn Japanese Positive Affirmations


You will learn Japanese much faster by using these positive affirmations. They will program your mind for accelerated language learning and improved processing of new Japanese words.

To really experience drastic results, you should set aside some time each and every day to recite them to yourself and improve your mindset. Twice daily would be ideal, and suggested times would be right before practicing your Japanese, right after, or also right before bed. Reciting your affirmations right before bed has the added benefit of sinking deeper into your subconscious mind because it’s the last thing you think about before falling asleep!

If you stick with it, use your affirmation daily, and study Japanese consistently, you will be amazed and how quickly and easily you can learn this language! Imagine speaking Japanese as if it was your mother tongue, and think about how wonderful it will be when the whole process becomes much more natural and effortless!

Good luck and may you become a fluent Japanese speaker 🙂

Present Tense Affirmations
I am quickly learning Japanese
I am an Japanese speaker
My mind is focused on learning Japanese
I memorize Japanese words easily
I practice my Japanese regularly
I am dedicated to studying Japanese
My brain stores Japanese words efficiently
I am smart enough to learn anything
I am extremely motivated to learn Japanese
I understand Japanese perfectly


Future Tense Affirmations
I will become a fluent Japanese speaker
I will master the Japanese language
I am developing a passion for Japanese
I am finding it easier and easier to understand Japanese
My Japanese is getting stronger
I will persistently strive to achieve my goal
I will have fun learning Japanese
Japanese is becoming a natural part of my mind
I will effortlessly speak Japanese
I will study consistently


Natural Affirmations
Speaking Japanese feels natural
My mind is naturally wired for learning Japanese
I enjoy studying Japanese
I effortlessly pick up on new Japanese words
Speaking Japanese is just a normal part of who I am
I love the Japanese language
I can learn Japanese easily
Japanese feels as though it’s my mother tongue
Others see me as a natural learner
I have a passion for learning new languages

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