Learn Saxophone Positive Affirmations


The smooth, sultry sound of a saxophone is music to the world’s ears and very enticing to would-be musicians. Bring your saxophone dreams to life with the help of these positive affirmations.

Have you always admired the talents of saxophone players and their ability to seduce the audience with their classy notes? You can become the musician of your dreams if you take the reins and commit to learning to play the saxophone. You could own the stage with your saxophone talents and become the object of others envy just using these positive affirmations to supercharge your talents.

If you recite these affirmations every day, and practice the saxophone regularly, there will be nothing stopping you from transforming into a world class saxophone player!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am learning to play the saxophone
I am committed to practicing
I am a skilled musician
I can read music well
I am talented
I enjoy practicing
I retain new information well
I learn quickly and easily
I am a saxophone player
I concentrate easily


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stay focused on playing the saxophone
I will become a saxophone player
I will practice regularly
I will learn to read music
I will concentrate
I will absorb information easily
I will be known for my saxophone skills
I will enjoy practicing saxophone
I am improving my saxophone playing
I will understand music


Natural Affirmations
Playing saxophone comes naturally to me
Practicing is fun
Reading music is easy for me
My concentration is high
My mind is focused on learning
Absorbing new information is easy
Saxophone playing feels natural
Others know me as a saxophone player
Learning is fun
Music is part of who I am

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