Learn to Sing Positive Affirmations


Whether or not you were born with a striking singing voice, these singing affirmations will help you develop your voice into its full and outstanding potential!

Nearly every person has imagined transforming their amateur voice into an admirable range of tones and pitches. They dream of hitting high notes with perfection and singing sultry slow songs flawlessly. However, few ever take the steps necessary to bring their visions to reality.

You can soar above the rest by taking the steps necessary to become a great singer. Begin practicing these affirmations today to bring your mind, body, and voice into perfect harmony for achieving the voice of your dreams, and a voice that others will admire for years to come!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a singer
I am dedicated to practicing
I have a great voice
I can sing well
I am focused on learning
I concentrate easily
I put effort into singing
I am motivated to sing
I enjoy singing
I have great rhythm


Future Tense Affirmations
I will be a singer
I will practice regularly
I am perfecting my pitch
I will sing well
I will be known for my singing voice
I will stay focused on learning
I will improve my voice
I will pay attention to changes in my voice
I will become a great singer
I will perfect my voice


Natural Affirmations
Singing comes naturally to me
Others see me as a beautiful singer
Every day my voice improves
Focusing is easy for me
My pitch is perfect
Learning is easy for me
Focusing feels natural
Singing is just a natural part of my life
Practicing is fun
Singing well is easy for me

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