Lower Blood Pressure Positive Affirmations


High blood pressure is an extremely dangerous thing to live with. While its effects may not be immediate, high blood pressure, also called hypertension, leads to the hardening of arteries, which dramatically increases your risk of heart disease, strokes, blindness, cognitive heart failure, and liver disease.

You don’t want to have to continuously worry about your condition and if at any moment you could become a fatality statistic. Gain control over your heart by following the proper procedures to weight loss and a healthy body! Mental preparation for whatever your body throws at you will build up your self-esteem and confidence in all dietary (and personal) aspects of your life! Not only are positive affirmations beneficiary in mental stimulation, but their astounding abilities can easily carry over to physical areas of life as well, as long as you follow them sincerely you’ll be well on your way to a healthy new you!

If you desire to lower your blood pressure, simply look over these affirmations, choose the set that most appeals to you, and promise yourself you’ll look them over often. Adapt it to a daily routine, it’s that simple, and avoid diseases caused by high blood pressure with much more confidence.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a healthy individual
I am in control of my blood pressure
I am dominant over my blood pressure
My blood pressure is low and sustainable
I am capable of lowering my blood pressure
High blood pressure isn’t an issue for me
I am physically fit
I have an extraordinary healthy body
I am perfect the way I am
I can do anything I set my mind to


Future Tense Affirmations
I will lower my blood pressure
I will develop a strong will power
I will stay in shape
I will maintain a healthy lifestyle
I will stop putting myself at risk for heart disease
Heart problems will stop being obstacles for me
I will stop letting my blood pressure interfere with my healthy, happy life
I will set goals for myself
I will do whatever it takes to achieve those goals
My blood pressure will go down over time and hard work


Natural Affirmations
I have a naturally low blood pressure
I lose weight at my own pace
I am simply conscientious of what I eat
I persevere in all times of struggle
I simply prohibit my blood pressure from rising
I am an expert at keeping my blood pressure down
I adapt my lifestyle to fit my health needs
My blood pressure is naturally perfect
I sustain an active mind and body
I am naturally attuned to my blood pressure level

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Recommended References for Lowering Blood Pressure

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Your Guide to Lowering Blood Pressure: Issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this pamphlet designed by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute is your completed guide to lowering blood pressure! This extremely valuable free online resource contains stats, tips, grocery shopping lists, and more, all for increasing your health and safety. Check it out, it’s free and worth your time!