Perfect Body Shape For Women Positive Affirmations


Are you obsessed with finding the perfect body shape? Are you still trying to fit into that perfect size, that perfect dress? The truth is, there are many different body types out there; there isn’t just one ideal body type. And the truth is, there is no such thing as a “perfect body shape”- it’s important to always be the most confident, beautiful you that you can be, no matter what size dress you fit into.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to lose weight, but there’s everything wrong with being dissatisfied with your own unique beauty. You should be happy exactly as you are, while always trying to improve your image at the same time. This can be an awkward, often challenging balance to strike, which is why these free positive affirmations are here to help! It takes a lot of mental power to look into the mirror and see exactly what you want to see, while also being aware of areas you can improve or lose weight. These affirmations are designed to narrow in on your perception of yourself and help you reach an equilibrium of confidence and awareness.

If you practice these positive affirmations on a regular basis, eventually you’ll be looking better and feeling great all the time! You can find the body shape that’s perfect for you; you can be aware of yourself and be what you decide decide is the best you, not what magazine models decide is the best you. Find your own perfect body shape with these positive affirmations for women!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am perfect just as I am
I am satisfied when I look into the mirror
I love every part of me
I am flawless inside and out
I am healthy and happy
I lose weight easily when I need to
I know the perfect shape for my body
I am confident when I step outside
I am gorgeous the way I am
I look fantastic no matter what size I am


Future Tense Affirmations
I will be healthier with eating habits
I will exercise more
I will pay attention to my body
I will do what my body tells me
I am becoming more aware of my body
I will listen to what I want for myself
I will stop feeling like I have to look a certain way
I will stop feeling self-conscious about my body
I will see myself in a better light
I will stop feeling insecure


Natural Affirmations
I am conscious of what my body wants
I am naturally intuitive about my body
I am always happy with how I look
There is no reason for me to be insecure
I am naturally beautiful
I love my own unique body shape
I embrace every version of me
I am always looking to improve myself in positive ways
I know I am gorgeous
I always eat healthily

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Recommended Tools For Finding Your Perfect Body Shape

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