Control Your Hunger Positive Affirmations


Are you tired of being overweight? Are you sick of always abiding to your never ending hunger? You are not controlled by your stomach, as much as you think you are; you are controlled by your mind, and you have the mental capabilities of overcoming your hunger and taking the right steps to losing weight.

Controlling your hunger takes a lot of will power, but if you are putting the right foods in your system, you should have no trouble at all with your weight. It’s not about how much you eat, more so about how you eat. The saying of everything in moderation is a positive message live by, though it may be difficult if you struggle to know when you’re full. If you are wise with what you eat and the proportions at which you eat it, you will be healthy and in shape in no time at all!

Controlling your hunger is easier said than done, and these positive affirmations are here to help! These affirmations are designed to hone in on your hunger and destroy it on the spot, so that you only eat when you need to. You should not be at the mercy of your unhealthy cravings; choose the set of affirmations that speaks to you and repeat them to yourself on a regular basis. Take control of your hunger with these free positive affirmations!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am in control of my hunger
I have power over my stomach
I know when to stop eating
I resist eating temptations
I avoid overeating
I eat proper proportions
I eat only when I have to
I am a healthy eater
I am only hungry at meal times
I watch what I eat


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop feeling hungry
I will focus on my food intake
I am becoming a healthy eater
Others see me as lean and in shape
I will develop an intuition for when I am full
I will only eat when I need to
Hunger will not bother me
I will restrain myself from eating too much
I will stop feeling the need to eat
I will live a healthier lifestyle


Natural Affirmations
I naturally know when to stop eating
I always put down my fork when I’m full
My body tells me when I’m full
My hunger diminishes when I want it to
I am naturally intuitive about my food intake
I have always been in control of my hunger
My hunger naturally subsides after I’ve eaten enough
I enjoy eating healthy food
I always take care of my body
I am able to control what I eat and when I eat it



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