Pickup Artist Mindset Positive Affirmations


You can use these positive affirmations to fine-tune your internal game and achieve the ultimate pickup artist mindset! Imagine having rock solid confidence, a mind that is naturally tuned-in to female signals, and the ability to casually attract women one after the other!

Have you ever heard the term ‘natural’ when it comes to pickup artists? Some guys seem to need to put a lot of effort into learning this stuff while others seem to “just have it”.

Well, you can “just have it” too! And these positive affirmations are going to help you develop the perfect mindset for becoming a lethal pickup artist who makes picking up women look like choosing a box of cereal at the grocery store!

Confidence, smoothness, relaxation, and massive skills with the ladies will all be yours by rewiring your core thought processes, beliefs, and attitudes with these positive affirmations.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am assertive
I am confident and unstoppable
I will fearlessly approach any woman
I always have fun picking up women
My personality is magnetic
I always have beautiful women around me
I am super positive and outgoing
I always know when to take things to the next level
My mind is tuned in to every pickup opportunity
Women are attracted to my ability to just be myself


Future Tense Affirmations
I will transform into the ultimate pickup artist
I am becoming totally fearless
My mind is becoming highly attuned to female signals
I will approach women with confidence and positive energy
Women will be attracted to my awesome vibe
I will just relax and be myself
I am growing more and more confident
I am becoming a natural with the ladies
I am noticing that picking up women is becoming easier
I will have beautiful women around me all the time


Natural Affirmations
Picking up women is easy
I can approach any woman and have fun no matter what happens
I deserve to meet beautiful women
Women are naturally attracted to me
I can be dominant and assertive when needed
Others see me as a natural pickup artist
I am effortlessly outgoing
Women are naturally drawn to my confidence
I have the perfect state of mind for picking up women
My pickup potential is limitless

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