Recover from Surgery Positive Affirmations


The mind is a powerful thing and it has a direct impact on the way that our bodies perform.

It’s important then that if you have just had surgery that you think in a way that is positive to helping you to recover from your operation.

Using the affirmations on this page will help you to adopt a mindset that is helpful to recovery.

You should take the affirmations and make sure that you repeat them at least twice each day, it’s important that you never skip a day as it’s the power of repetition that makes them work.

After two weeks or so of repeating them on a daily basis you will start to notice that you’re thinking much more positively and that you’re recovering much more quickly.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am fully recovered
I am in control of my thoughts
I am a natural born survivor
I am healthy in both body and mind
I am in great shape
I am a positive thinker
I find it easy to heal from surgery
I can quickly recover from any illness
I am strong and healthy
I find it easy to use the power of my mind to heal my body


Future Tense Affirmations
I will recover from surgery
I will become a positive thinker
I am finding myself more better by the day
I am turning into someone who is 100% recovered
I will be able to use the power of my mind to heal every cell in my body
I will become healthy in body, mind and spirit
I will be able to use the power of my mind to heal my body
I will be in control of my thoughts
I am transforming into a fast healer
I am turning into someone with the ability to heal the body with the power of the mind


Natural Affirmations
Using the power of my mind to heal my body is natural for me
I find positive thinking easy
Recovering from surgery was very easy for me
I find it easy to use my mind to heal my body
My body heals quickly and easily
Quick healing is my natural way of life
It is my natural rite to be fit and healthy
I find it easy to recover from surgery
People look up to me as someone in control of their thoughts
Being able to recover quickly from surgery comes easily to me

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Recommended Tools to Help You to Recover From Surgery

Attract Health Subliminal: This subliminal will help you to become someone who naturally attracts good health. By listening to it your mind-set will start to change and you’ll start thinking positively about your body and your health, giving you both a healthy mind and a health body.

Boost Immune System Hypnosis: Your immune system is directly responsible for how often you get sick and how quickly you recover from illness. If you currently have a weak immune system then listening to this hypnosis will help change that. It will re-program your mind so you start to think positive thoughts and it will send messages to your body signalling it to heal itself and also tell your immune system to strengthen itself, helping to stop you from getting sick in the future.

Body Regeneration Subliminal: Use this subliminal to help give you the ability to use the power of your mind to help you to heal your body and recover from your surgery.