Revision Aid: Exam Success Positive Affirmations


Establishing solid study skills and sharpening your memory are essential for recalling information needed to pass exams. Through these exam success positive affirmations, you will rewire your mind to devour information and recall it effortlessly.

The main keys to becoming an exam guru are learning how to view revision as easy and enjoyable and instilling the habits it takes to store information where it is easily accessible. Solid studying habits can be attained simply by retraining your mind and changing your attitude about taking exams. These affirmations will help you enjoy the process of learning and studying so that taking exams becomes effortless and natural.

Begin reciting these affirmations regularly to ensure that you fly through your next exam and get the grades you truly deserve!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a great student
I study often
I pass exams easily
I enjoy taking tests
I study hard
I look forward to studying
I ignore distractions
I have good grades
I succeed in stressful situations
I always focused on my studies


Future Tense Affirmations
I will pass my exams
I am becoming adept at studying
I will get good grades
I am learning to enjoy studying
I will be relaxed during exams
I will enjoy the challenge of a tough exam
I will thrive under pressure
I will stay focused while studying
I will begin studying long before exams are scheduled
I will recall information quickly


Natural Affirmations
Studying hard comes naturally to me
Others expect me to get good grades
Focusing feels natural to me
Getting good grades is natural for me
Passing exams comes easily to me
My memory is sharp
Recalling information is easy
Taking tests is enjoyable
Exams are fun
Good study habits are ingrained in me



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