Stop Daydreaming Positive Affirmations


Daydreaming is a mesmerizing habit to get into. At first it’s all fine and fairy tales, but after a while it starts to ruin your chance at a successful reality. Daydreaming can overcome our sense of responsibility to the point of cutting us off from the real world.

It’s fine to think big once in a while, but if you find yourself always lost in a fantasy, you need to know how to get out. Having your head in the clouds is dangerous- it distracts you from what you have in front of you and usually leaves you wishing for better and bigger. Life is all about seizing the moment; have the ability to take those opportunities when they come along.

Trying these positive affirmations for daydreaming is the first step on the path of reality. Figure out your true strengths, and find the courage to take action with these affirmations.

Present Tense Affirmations
I focus on reality
I listen to my conscientious thought
I take action in my life
I accept new opportunities
I allow myself to think creatively
I monitor how much I daydream
I am a logical thinker
I get things done on time
I am a hard worker
I concentrate on real life


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop excessive daydreaming
I will stop letting fantasies overcrowd my life
I will get my head out of the clouds
I will pay attention to true friends
I will be successful in my personal endeavors
I will stop procrastinating
I will be productive in life
My life will be worth something
I will be set on achieving my personal goals
I will make something of myself


Natural Affirmations
I accomplish anything I set my mind to
Being distracted isn’t a problem for me
I naturally control my wandering mind
I keep my traveling thoughts at bay
I simply know when to return to real life
I am naturally awake and alert
I have a strong sense of reality
Others see me as a well-organized individual
I always know when my dreams have gone too far
I naturally pull myself back to real life



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