Mental Clarity Positive Affirmations


Here are our mental clarity positive affirmations! These affirmations will not only organize your thoughts, but they will also allow you to open your mind to new ideas.

An open, organized mind is far lighter and easier to carry around. Sometimes we find ourselves lost among our countless activities, responsibilities, and busy schedules. It soon becomes impossible to focus on one thing at a time, as we pull ourselves in hundreds of different directions. Losing that ability to concentrate will take away from your enjoyment in life as well as your existence as a healthy, happy, stress-free human being.

Pull your mind together with the guidance of these positive affirmations designed for the sole purpose of boosting your mental clarity. Be able to concentrate on the happiness of life again; practice these affirmations on a regular basis for the best, most accurate results.

Present Tense Affirmations
My thoughts are organized
I have strong mental clarity
I focus on things individually
My life is well-balanced
I have an even amount of work and play
I learn and retain information well
My stress is manageable
I take time to think when I need it
I know what I need to do to relax
My mental presence is clear


Future Tense Affirmations
I will be devoted to clearing my mind
I will stop letting life stress me out
I will stop being tired all of the time
I will cleanse my thoughts
My mind will be stress-free
I will get rid of mental clutter
I will focus on what’s important at the present time
I will stop letting one aspect of my life dominate over the others
I am developing a sense of mental clarity
I will manage the stimuli around me


Natural Affirmations
I perform well in all aspects of life
I naturally avoid stress
I am just calm by nature
I am an expert at keeping my thoughts in order
I clear up mental blockages with ease
I have control over my thoughts
I easily work out complicated problems
I find solutions through relaxing my mind
I let my instinctive tranquility take over
I keep my mental clarity under control



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