Stop Self Pity Positive Affirmations


Ever get the feeling that you’re just not enough? Not feeling good enough for yourself or for others will send you straight down, often resulting in depression and a lack of self worth. In order to clear up your mind so you can enjoy the life you live, you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

These positive affirmations were designed to liberate you of your pitiful self image so you can love yourself for who you are. You’ll be secure with yourself, your decisions, and your strength as long as you train your mind to get rid of your bad feelings. There comes a time where you need to get a grip and stop feeling self pity, and these affirmations will help you accomplish that.

Try these positive affirmations; they’ll help you break out of your self pity trap and feel good about yourself. You don’t have to drown in your own self pity, simply pick the set you most enjoy and practice on a regular basis.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am strong
I am confident
I love myself for who I am
I am understood
I am appreciated
I stand up for myself and my beliefs
I stand by my opinions
I take responsibility for my actions
I am grateful for myself
I focus on the positive things in my life


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop wallowing in self-pity
I will develop realistic goals for myself
I am becoming more self-confident
My self-esteem is growing
I will focus on doing things for others
I will stop giving up
I will pursue my dreams
I will be proud of myself for who I am
I will stop thinking about myself
I will buckle down on defeating my self pity


Natural Affirmations
I know that I am good enough
I have full confidence in myself
Others see me as strong and well-opinionated
I always give to others
I am caring and considerate
I simply keep the focus off of myself
I ignore vanity
I avoid feeling sorry for myself
I am strong enough to rise above self pity
I am aware of myself and my thoughts


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