Stop Being Embarrassed Positive Affirmations


Here are our positive affirmations to help you stop being embarrassed.

If you are someone who becomes easily nervous, self-conscious, or shy in social situations then you should know that this all stems from unconscious reactions and patterns deep within the mind. You can successfully change these habitual behaviors with the help of these positive affirmations. They will transform you into someone who is naturally comfortable in social situations, is confident when meeting new people, and can just generally relax and enjoy being around others without worrying.

These positive affirmations will give you the power to totally change the way you think and feel. Use them consistently and you will see huge positive changes in a short period of time.

You deserve to have a happy and rewarding social life, get started right away and begin the journey to a more socially confident you!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am confident
I am comfortable in my own skin
I am happy to just be myself
I always speak up and share myself with others
I speak confidently
I am relaxed and calm in social situations
I am naturally outgoing and friendly
I easily laugh off embarrassment and stay relaxed
I am calm under pressure
I take things lightly and always keep a positive attitude


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stay relaxed
I will calm myself down if I start to feel embarrassed
I will simply laugh off embarrassment
I am becoming more and more self confident
I am turning into someone who is easygoing around others
I will stay confident and positive even if I do something embarrassing
I will develop a more light hearted view of embarrassment
I am finding it easier to be myself around others
I will improve my social skills
I will confidently bounce back from any embarrassing mistakes


Natural Affirmations
I find it easy to just be myself
I can easily laugh at my own mistakes
Confidence comes naturally to me
My self confidence makes others accept me for who I am
Being outgoing, relaxed, and positive is normal for me
I am naturally relaxed around others
Feeling confident comes naturally to me
I am happy with myself even if I do something embarrassing
I can easily deal with embarrassment
Mistakes are a natural part of life



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