Stop Talking To Yourself Positive Affirmations


Talking to ourselves is a habit many of us slip into from time to time that can be socially damaging and mentally at odds. Rest assured, you are not crazy because you talk to yourself- it is certainly not uncommon to simply speak your thoughts aloud to yourself. But it’s always safest to stop talking to yourself in case you say something you might regret at an inappropriate time.

It’s so often that we find ourselves thinking out loud when we don’t even remember the thoughts leaving our heads. If you really want to buckle down on your talking to yourself, you have to be in sharp mental condition so you can realize sooner when you’re doing it and come to terms on how to stop. Learn to internalize your thoughts so you no longer have to worry about accidentally speaking when you shouldn’t.

Try these positive affirmations designed just for you. They’ll be sure to put your thoughts back in your head so you can stop talking to yourself.

Present Tense Affirmations
I keep my thoughts in my head
I speak only when I want to
I am in control of my speech
I know how to think internally
I am aware of my thoughts at all times
I consciously monitor myself
I keep conversations in my head
I listen to myself when I’m thinking
I am free of talking to myself
I pay attention to what I do and say


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop talking to myself
I will hold my thoughts in my head
I will think internally
I am gaining more control over my thoughts
I will catch myself when I am talking to myself
I will pay attention to what I say
I will listen to what comes out of my mouth
I will stop feeling insecure about my thoughts
I will stop feeling the need to be heard
I will stop automatically talking to myself


Natural Affirmations
My personal awareness is sharp
I always keep my thoughts contained
I am dominant over my thoughts
I naturally know whether or not to speak
I am capable of keeping things to myself
I am aware of myself and all that I do
I overcome my natural urge to talk to myself
I am always well-focused
I am simply very self-aware
I naturally internalize my thoughts


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