Stop Using Bad Language Positive Affirmations


These are our positive affirmations to help you stop using bad language.

Is the habitual use of swear words and offensive language having a negative impact on your life? Chances are yes, it is. When we use foul language to express ourselves it sends the message to others that we are less intelligent than we really are. You deserve to have your thoughts and opinions heard and respected by others, and with the help of our positive affirmations, you will!

Our stop using bad language positive affirmations will work at the deepest levels of your subconscious to change the way your mind works and allow you to regain full control over the way you speak. You will improve your vocabulary, naturally express yourself with intelligence, have a clearer and calmer mind, and others will see you as being more worthy of respect and attention.

Get started with these affirmations today and take control of your personal expression.

Present Tense Affirmations
I speak intelligently
I am always learning new words
I am able to express myself completely, without the need for bad language
I always use respectful language
I have a large vocabulary to express myself with
I am in full control of the words I use
I can express strong feelings and emotions without swearing
I am polite and courteous
I always show respect to others
I am impeccable with my words


Future Tense Affirmations
I will always choose good language over bad
I will improve my manners
Changing the way I speak is positively impacting myself and others
Every day it feels easier to speak without the use of bad language
My vocabulary is steadily improving
The way I express myself is becoming more respectable
Each day I am able to express myself with more intelligence
I am changing the way I speak
I will choose my words carefully
I am turning into someone who is naturally courteous and polite


Natural Affirmations
Improving my vocabulary is important to me
I find it easy to use proper language
I enjoy speaking politely to others
I enjoy learning new words
The way I speak is a reflection of my state of mind
Speaking intelligently comes naturally to me
I find it easy to express myself using respectful words
People see me as someone who has good manners
Speaking intelligently makes others listen to me
It is important to me that others see me as intelligent and worthy of attention


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