Make People Like You Positive Affirmations


Low self confidence is an issue that many people across the world struggle with. Most of these issues arise from other people criticizing or passing judgement on areas of your life. It is common knowledge that if more people like you, your self esteem increases.

However, making people like you does not require a complete personality change. All it requires is a simple change in your outlook on life. The use of positive affirmations to do this is increasing by the day, so why not join people from all over the world who are discovering the power of them?

Positive affirmations are simple statements that can be repeated to oneself to elicit a desired response. It is well known that people gravitate towards others who have an aura of positivity around them, so positive affirmations are the perfect way to make people like you.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a popular and happy individual
I can easily make friends
I can make people happy just by being around them
I am good at making others smile
I am an optimist
I can choose my friends wisely
I feel good about myself and others can see this
I have a brilliant personality
I am the leader of my friendship group
I enjoy being with friends


Future Tense Affirmations
I will make other people happy with my presence
Every day I become more popular
I am transforming into a well liked individual
I will learn to show my positivity by smiling more
Every day my self esteem increases
I will become a well rounded person
All parts of my social skills will develop further
I am becoming more popular
I find it easier to make friends every day
I will not judge others as much


Natural Affirmations
Other people love being around me
People gravitate towards me as I am so positive
I enjoy being the centre of attention
Other people respect me
I know I can make friends easily
Other people see how confident I am
I attract others with my personality
Making friends comes naturally to me
I enjoy sharing my personality with others
Having a good friendship group is important to me


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