Tennis Positive Affirmations


These tennis positive affirmations will take your tennis skills to the next level. They will help you develop your serve, swing, and speed by improving your mental state.

Imagine beginning each tennis match with an unparalleled serve, and returning each play with the speed and accuracy of a pro. We believe that you can acquire the tennis skills you want and truly maximize your abilities. But the only way to truly unlock your full potential is to train physically and focus on your mental faculties as well.

These affirmations will help you to start focusing on your mental and physical abilities with the intensity necessary to improve your skills and become the tennis pro you’ve always wanted to be.

The key to becoming the best tennis player possible is to practice these affirmations regularly, so read our affirmations and choose your favorites to get started today!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am an excellent tennis player
I always play tennis with intensity
I am a fast sprinter
I have an accurate swing
My serve is powerful
I am focused on playing well
I am dedicated to practicing
I have a winning mindset
I always play to win
Others see me as a gifted tennis player


Future Tense Affirmations
I am developing into a top level player
I will practice intensely
I will return serves with ease
I will focus on winning
I am improving my level of concentration
Winning tennis games is becoming easier and easier
I will stay focused
I will develop a powerful backswing
I am starting to enjoy practicing
I will improve my serve


Natural Affirmations
Tennis comes naturally to me
Practicing tennis is fun
I have a powerful and accurate serve
My mind is clear and focused on tennis
I was born to play tennis
My concentration level is high
My shot accuracy is superb
Others think of me as a natural born tennis player
Winning comes easily to me
My reflexes are naturally fast and sharp

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Recommended Tools to help Tennis Players

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