Voice Projection Positive Affirmations


Would you like to develop a confident, strong, and dominant voice? These are our voice projection positive affirmations and they will help you to do just that!

Imagine yourself with the kind of voice that naturally exudes confidence and authority, and just think of the way people would react to you if developed a voice like this. Your work colleagues, your friends, family, and even strangers would all look up to you as someone who is strong, confident, and worth listening to.

These affirmations will help you develop a powerful voice that commands respect and attention, communicates confidence, and really gets people listening.

Read the list carefully, choose your own top affirmations, and get started on the road to vocal confidence!

Present Tense Affirmations
I speak confidently
I project my voice
My voice is powerful and assertive
I am aware of my voice
I am focused on developing a great voice
My vocal projection is strong
I command respect with my voice
I project my voice confidently
I am relaxed yet confident when speaking
Others look up to me as a powerful speaker


Future Tense Affirmations
I will improve my voice projection
I will develop a strong voice
I will speak confidently
I am developing a strong voice
Others are beginning to notice my powerful voice
My voice projection is becoming stronger
I am transforming into someone who speaks with power and confidence
My voice is growing more and more powerful
I will always speak with authority
I am finding it easier to speak confidently


Natural Affirmations
I naturally project my voice
Confident speaking comes naturally to me
Speaking confidently is the most natural thing in the world
Voice projection is easy
I have a powerful voice
I have the kind of voice that commands respect and attention
I naturally exude confidence when I speak
People always listen to me when I talk
I find it easy to project my voice
I can speak strongly and dominantly when needed



Voice Projection audio affirmations

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Recommended Tools to develop Voice Projection

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