Stage Fright Positive Affirmations


Do you have a talent that you would love to showcase on stage, but stage fright is stopping you from pursuing your dreams? Take the fear out of performing on stage with these affirmations to help you smoothly and calmly perform on stage.

Nearly every performer develops a case of sweaty palms or bubbling nerves before going in front of a crowd. However, the real pros know how to handle their anxiety and eventually get it under control. You too can negotiate past your stage fright to give the performance of a lifetime. Imagine strutting onto the stage fearlessly and letting your real abilities shine through.

Give your stage fright the boot by routinely reciting these positive affirmations. Before long you will be confidently performing in front of crowds without a hint of stage fright!

Present Tense Affirmations
I thrive under pressure
I enjoy being on stage
I handle being in front of a crowd well
I am a natural performer
I look forward to performing on stage
I stay calm in front of others
I belong on the stage
I enjoy the spotlight
I am over my stage fright
I can perform flawlessly


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stay calm under pressure
I will have great stage presence
I will remain calm in front of an audience
I will thrive under pressure
I will enjoy being on stage
I am beginning to enjoy the spotlight
I will overcome my stage fright
I will remain relaxed in front of a crowd
I will enjoy performing in front of a lot of people
I will perform flawlessly


Natural Affirmations
Being comfortable on stage comes naturally to me
Performing on stage is a wonderful feeling
Staying calm under pressure is easy
Others call me a natural performer
Crowds bolster my confidence
My stage fright is melting away
I love being in the spotlight
Performing is fun
Others see me as someone who thrives under pressure
I have nerves of steel

Recommended Tools to stop Stage Fright

Stage Fright Cure Subliminal: If you enjoy performing but dislike the nerves and butterflies that accompany it, this is the album for you. It uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to change the way you think about being on stage so that you can thrive under pressure.

Fear of Public Speaking Hypnosis: Honing your public speaking skills will undoubtedly translate into eliminating stage fright. The messages in this hypnotic album will have you speaking effortlessly in front of crowds and enjoying the spotlight.

Effective Public Speaking Subliminal: This album will change the associations that your mind makes with public speaking to make your time in front of a crowd effortless. You will begin to see being in front of a crowd as fun and positive so that any fear you have dissipates.