Oct 262013

Have you ever wondered why so many people struggle with weight loss? It’s simple all right, everyone knows what to do: eat healthier foods in smaller portions and exercising more. Everyone knows it, so why doesn’t everyone succeed?

What Determines Your Success in Weight Loss

It’s not the knowledge – you know all you need to know, to start at least. It’s something else: the mindset.

It’s always the mindset: the things you are positive and enthusiastic about, you will do them no matter what mood you’re in, no matter how busy you are you will find the time. The things you don’t like, you keep delaying them, you keep finding the excuses, the reasons why you will fail even before you start.

Weight loss is no different, and perhaps the negatives are even more visible here as someone who wants to lose weight knows also that s/he should totally change the way s/he lives, and for the long run (unless s/he wants to gain the lost pounds right back).

The truth is that what you make of it, it will be exactly that. If you view weight loss as a chore, a time-drainer, a pointless torture of your body – it will be like that, it will be hard and you will struggle. But if you view it as something fun, as a game you play, where you can count points and enjoy yourself – it will be exactly like that and you will have no trouble doing all the little things which guarantee that your pounds will melt without you noticing it!

Weight Loss – a Game?

Yes! Let us show you:

  • In a game, you count points so that you know where you’re at, right? In the weight loss game, you also count points – but it’s not the calories, if that was your first thought. It’s the little achievements that you’ll make: you tried some new food or prepared it the way you like – one point; you eat healthy for the entire week – four points; you overcome the temptation of not going to the gym – one point; you run three miles more than the day before – two points. For example 🙂 You can count your achievements any way you like, but you should do that because it makes you aware of the progress you made (which is very important for your motivation).
  • You should also develop a strategy that will get you to your goal: as this healthy foods and exercising is probably a new territory to you, you will need to make a plan so that you know what to do. Create lists of the foods you haven’t tried before but you think you could like them, ask friends or go online to find some tasteful healthy recipes, make an exercise schedule… You have to plan things in order not to get lost, and to win the game.
  • Every game worth playing eventually leads you to the prize, and what better prize is there than becoming a healthy and fit person who enjoys his lifestyle?

Finally, every game, including this one, helps you to develop the attitude of a winner: if you fall, get up and start again, keep your eyes on the prize and prove it to yourself that you are a success!

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